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Kampung Kopi Banaran ( Banaran Coffe House )

Banaran coffee house ia a cafe located in the area of coffee plantation owned by PTPN, which is located on the main route of Semarang-Surakarta for the links between Bawen-then summed in a convolution, which is also a mountainous area. For those of you coffee lovers, may already be familiar with the coffee house has a global brand like Starbucks, or a competitor like Oh La La and the Dome. This coffee house offers a place to enjoy coffee with western-style atmosphere and menu, and generally located in the center of a crowd in the middle of town. Banaran Coffee offers a different concept, namely a place to enjoy coffee in a beautiful place in the plantation area large enough, so the concept is so good at combining the concept of culinary tourism with agro tourism, with the jargon of "Enjoying coffee picked from the garden itself," then Banaran Coffee does offer something different to the existing House coffee.
Banaran Coffee is located on the main route of Semarang-Surakarta for the links between Bawen-then summed in a convolution. If you are coming from the direction of Semarang to Surakarta, then Banaran located on the right path, you will see after passing the junction Bawen (T-junction in the direction of Yogyakarta). Although located in the area of coffee plantations, coffee houses built close enough to the highway, with large signs and clearly visible from the highway, so there is no significant difficulties to find it. If you are coming from the direction towards Semarang, Surakarta, then Banaran Coffee is located on the left side of the left fork in the road before heading Bawen Yogyakarta.

Coffee Banaran presents the main menu of coffee drinks and teas, with many variations (eg, cappuccino, espresso, coffee, black ice, etc.), but this variation is the author feels is too small for a cafe that brings the image of coffee dish. Coffee taste even by mediocre writers, not too special. However, this unique coffee Coffee Banaran provided by a modern house like this is food. In general, the modern coffee house is dominated by western brands such as Starbucks, Oh La La, Dome, etc., which in addition to coffee also presents a variety of western-style foods such as pies, muffins, etc.. But the food is served by Banaran Coffee is a food the most (either light or "heavy") is a traditional style, such as fried bananas, tempeh mendoan, pecel rice, etc..
Traditionally, couples drinking coffee in Indonesia such as the traditional fried bananas, fried tempeh mendoan, etc.., And Banaran Coffee served it with a quality that deserves thumbs up. fried banana and variations (fried banana honey) really makes the tongue swaying. Served warm, soft and sweet, ideal for enjoying a coffee in the cool mountain air. Tempe mendoan also get a good assessment of the author, served warm with spicy chili. The price offered is also quite attractive (relative to a coffee house in Jakarta, the difference is quite a distance).
For those who want to enjoy coffee and snacks accompanied with live music, visitors can choose the area within the main building houses a coffee, while those who prefer a natural atmosphere, beautiful and quiet estate with panoramic views, there is a place outside the main building, which is a neat tents with plantation area not far from the main building.
There are also several permanent substation building on a hilltop with panoramic views of the more interesting with a more distant location from the main building, which can be used for coffee, but additional costs apply to use it.
For those of you who came with families and children, available children's play area spacious enough with his game. There are also agro-tourism facilities in the form of a rabbit who will train around the plantation area. Inside the mosque complex is also available which is very representative and toilets very clean. For those of you who travel long distances in the past, Banaran Coffee became a very attractive place to relax and enjoy the coffee.

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